Monday, July 30, 2012

moonlight on the cornfields

think about the silence
and listen to the moonlight
rising o'er the cornfields
in summer days of yore

a childhood ringed by fields
golden green in summertime
with fireflies dancing high
may I really call this mine?

think about the sunlight
and winds across the plain
listen to the twilight
with its sweet fall of rain

we may not always notice
the beauty all around
open your eyes and ears
to the many sights and sounds

think about the cornfields
soaking up the sun
and how we felt so spent
when each day was done

(think about the moonlight
and listen to the silence
among the Illinois cornfields
where I will play no more)

I can't explain how much I miss it
and even though I've moved away
sometimes my heart flies with the wind
and I feel the cornfields sway

Note: The second-to-last stanza was originally the last, but at first I didn't like it. And then I couldn't decide which stanza fit better at the end, so I placed one in the parentheses and included them both. Ah, the complications. >_>
This was also a difficult poem to write; not that I don't adore the landscape of Wisconsin, I just sometimes really do miss the beauty of Illinois. Some people may say it's boring and there is nothing there to see, but I can't avoid having grown up there and learning to appreciate it! I also am an incredibly nostalgic and sentimental person (as many of you already know) and tend to see the past through rose-colored glasses. :P

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ode to My Cookbooks

Dear cookbooks,
I love you,
sometimes I just need to create
a little recipe
of my own.
I hope you're not offended.
You look so lovely
sitting on my shelf.
An Experimental Cook

I promise to always
consult you if I bake.

Friday, May 11, 2012

wings [a haiku]

i soar on the heights
all below is verdant green
above -- crystal blue

Monday, April 16, 2012

because I heard the wind

because I heard the wind
once before

it took me far away
on its wings

a cup of chocolate left
growing [c]old

              I could hardly take it

              my heart was beating fast
              in tandem

              with the rain coming down --

I never could have stayed --
the wind called

too soon I had to leave
without you

is there a place we may
meet again?

I wrote this poem after I finished reading The Girl With No Shadow, which is the sequel to Chocolat, which I read last year. Both books are by Joanne Harris. They are magical realism and both are wonderful stories. The second one especially is a modern fairy tale.

I hope you enjoy this poem that was inspired by these books. :)